■Biodiversity - Nature in the Balance Section 5 (邦訳)

■ Why have the yakushika done such damage to the environment of Yakushima?

One reason is that the deer have begun to use the paths cut by humans to get through the forest.

Doing so makes it easier for the deer to reach vegetation in areas of the island they would not have visited before.

Although the increased sunlight allowed by the open paths should help the vegetation regrow quickly, the wide spaces and lush growth have caused the paths to become feeding grounds for the deer.

As a result, deer are treating the areas as all-you-can-eat buffets, and the trees and ferns along the paths are disappearing.

The changes made by humans to the natural environment have had an unintentional but noticeable effect on the island’s biodiversity.

sunlight 日光 regrow 再成長する lush 青々と茂った growth 茂み feed 餌をやる treat A as B AをBとみなす
all-you-can-eat 食べ放題の buffet ビュッフェ/バイキング式レストラン unintentional 故意ではない noticeable 著しい effect 効果・影響

【参 考】
■ヤクシカ 屋久鹿
Yaku deer
Cervus nippon yakushimae

〈北原正宣〉 (小学館『日本大百科全書』)

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